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Winners using the High Performance D&R Chassis.

Kevin Drake #14X

Win Date: 09-26-2009
Comments:Kevin take 1st Production car to victory lane on 1st attempt, at Barona Speedway!!!

Recent Winners

Devlin Autry #9V

Win Date: 09-19-2009
Comments: Congratulaitons to Devlin Autry for His Heat Race and Main Event Win at Bakersfield with the CDCRA!!!

Shane Rosson #14V

Win Date: 08-29-2009
Comments: Shane Rosson gets his 1st win in new D&R prototype, only 2nd time ever driving a dwarf car!!!!

Kevin Drake #14V

Win Date: 08-15-2009
Comments: Kevin gets his second win in four races ,with CDCRA, at Perris Auto Speedway!!!!

Kevin Drake #14V

Win Date: 07-18-2009
Comments: Kevin takes D&R Chassis prototype to victory lane on his second attempt at Barona Speedway!!!